Constructive Correspondence Effort (C.C.E.)

What is C.C.E.?

Emancipation Initiative is currently looking for participants for our Constructive Correspondence Effort (C.C.E.) Project.

C.C.E. is a new program through Emancipation Initiative, in which we are connecting prisoners, who have upcoming parole hearings within the next 18 months to two years with citizen participants. Selected prisoners wil be those who have accomplished remarkable feats (G.E.D., Bachelor’s Degree, Trade etc) throughout their incarceration, but no longer have the external support to advocate on their behalf at their prospective parole hearings. The function of C.C.E. is to establish a familiarity between prisoner and participant, in which the participant will discern whether prisoners have met specific personal qualifications throughout the C.C.E. process that will inform a low-likelihood of recidivism in which case, the goal would be for the participant to author a letter of recommendation on behalf of the prisoner that reflects their shared-experiences throughout E.I.’s C.C.E. process.

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in this project and would like to sign-up or learn more about the process, simply contact us at:
Phone: Meia Carter (216) 225-0442  OR Rachel Corey (617) 869-2773